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Dundarave is a neighbourhood in North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.This is an area where real estate is a huge industry and there are several good and breathtaking houses for sale.Buying of a house in Dundarave requires a lot of professionalism. This will require you to contact the host of realtors companies available to get your dream house.Of these companies includes Turner Real Estate Partners Ltd.You can also go through various real estate websites which offer all information you need including location, price and photos of these houses on sale.

You will get to see most of the houses which contain various features , unique and original for these homes.These features include a comfortable living space, ideal for an size of family.Some houses also contain open concept dining areas ,a downsview kitchen and enough open space to entertain guests or even hold parties.These houses contain professionally designed gardens, some with Italian inspired gardens.The ocean view of these houses are definitely breathtaking .The picturesque windows available offer ample and lots of natural light to brighten up your home.These Dundarave houses in North Vancouver also contain ample parking space and security is well provided and available.

Some houses also contain carpets, washers, dryers and lighting appliances required.These houses are diverse, some with brazilian cherry floors and built-in yana audio systems.The houses are also decorated with neutral colours to allow for creativity of the buyers to decorate according to their own style.

These house are also built with the wide market range in mind to provide houses ideal for every individual intrested.Some contain clay like wall finiishings,others are two, three or even four bedroomed houses to cater for all different buyers.There are also large outdoor patios available and outdoor swimming pools.These Dundarave houses have a wide range of price ranging from $700000 to $10 million, depending on the features available and its size and also the cost of land used.

These North Vancouver, Dundarave houses are conviniently located to allow for accessibility to grocery stores,schools and gas stations,which are all crucial to residents of Dundarave.There is also banks, firestations available.Dundarave park is also a walking distance and has a playground and a wading pool which gives the children time to bound and socialise in the park.

Due to their convenient location in Dundrave North Vancouver, they area is growing fast and more houses with more unique designs have been built and now on sale.
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